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PhotobucketLast Tuesday, I almost fell from my chair (although I was not sitting on a chair), when IBM Territorial Vice President Chubster Flores rang me up to tell me Michael Ammar was coming to town on September 11 to lecture. Was I interested to attend?

“Wait a second,” I said excitedly over the phone. “Let me check my calendar.”

My hands shaking, I flipped through my organizer, silently praying my shows on Sunday would be in Metro Manila and not in the provinces. When I verified that I’d be in Forbes, Makati on Sunday afternoon and I’d be done with my shows by around 7PM, I told Chubby, “I’m attending.”

PhotobucketI wouldn’t miss Michael Ammar’s lecture, especially if it’s within Metro Manila. I have wanted to attend his lecture since I bought his now classic (and I think out-of-print) book The Magic of Michael Ammar. I’m planning to ask him to sign my dog-eared copy when I see him on Sunday.

As a magician, Michael is not only a world-class technician, he is also arguably the best teacher of magic today. I know of many magicians in the Philippines who grew their teeth and fangs feeding on the gems Michael served the community of wonder workers with his Easy to Master video series.

When they first came out, they were on VHS. They became bestsellers around the world, not only because of their excellent production values but also because Michael was the first magic instructor to pack his videos with material the average magician can use. He also brought down the cost of instructional videos from the stratosphere to more reasonable level. Above all, the clear, painstakingly detailed instructions, coupled with Super Practice Sessions in slow-motion, made the tricks in the series truly easy to master.

Many magicians became magicians because of Michael Ammar. His books, VHS’s, DVDs, MP3s, and lectures have taught beginners, amateurs and even professionals how to perform quality magic and become oustanding performers.

Philippine magicians are lucky to have Michael Ammar on Sunday to lecture.  The Philippines is not in his Asian itinerary, but by a stroke of luck, Macau  canceled its September 12 schedule. When they got wind of this, Chubster Flores and George Mamonluk made lightning-fast decisions to invite him to the Philippines. Thus Macau’s loss became the Philippines’ gain.

For those who have not yet decided to attend the Michael Ammar  lecture, here are some of his credentials: he is a Gold Medalist of FISM World Close-up Magic Competition in 1982. Over the years he has won other numerous awards from various awards body Best Close-up Magician, Best Sleight of Hand, Best Parlour Magician, and even Best Lecturer.

PhotobucketMichael is not only a world-class, multi-awarded performer but also a top-notch lecturer, who travels the world to teach his Gospel of Quality Magic. To miss his live lecture is a mortal sin.

Don’t commit mortal sin. Don’t even think about it.

The lecture is at Pepeton’s Grill and Restaurant, Mother Ignacia corner Scout Borromeo streets, in Quezon City. It will be around 7:30PM, but expect it to start later to accommodate professional magicians who will be rushing to the venue straight from their shows.

Stay magical,