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Dear Leodini, I would like to learn mentalism even if it takes a long time. I’m currently studying NLP books, but the subject doesn’t make sense to me. I want someone to teach me. I’m searching for a mentalist that offers tutorials, but the ones I contacted didn’t even bother to reply. In other countries, they offer conversational hypnosis programs, NLP, etc. Do you know someone who offers help for beginners? Please reply. It doesn’t have to be now.



Hi Wannabementalist,

I choose to reply now. I want to put you out of your agony—quickly if I can.

PhotobucketI have told all those who are interested in learning mentalism to attend IMC meetings. After this, I will not say it again. I’m tired of repeating myself. I sound like an echo.  Tell you what.  I am not an echo.  I’m just a voice in the wilderness filled with the sounds from MP3 players and iPhones.

Why go to IMC?

Well, I’d like you to take the usual route. Attend our Club meetings. You may find someone to mentor you—in magic.

Yes, you heard me right. You need someone to mentor you in magic. Not mentalism. Not mind reading. Not psychic entertainment. But magic.

But, you might complain, you are not interested in magic. You are interested in mentalism, mind reading, thought transference, and all those psychic stuff. You want to be a real mind reader.

Well, if you think there is something like real mind reading of the kind you see on television, get out of here. You are so naive I don’t have the heart to disabuse your mind of your misconception.

But if you keep and open mind, even though what I will say may disappoint you, here is the awful truth: despite what mentalists tell you, they perform only pretend mind-reading feats. To create those impossible-looking phenomena, they employ magic tricks, NLP tricks, psychological tricks, trick props, and other varieties of tricks so many I don’t know them all.

PhotobucketOf course, some mentalists will not admit that they are using tricks. That’s because some of them believe their own press.

But the Amazing Randi doubts there is anyone who possesses real psychic power. The fact that the $1,000,000 reward Randi had put up for grabs on his site is still there despite the many pretenders around the world who prey on the gullible is strong proof no one qualifies as a real mind reader.

Mentalists, at least the ones I know, started as magicians. In my opinion this is a good route to take. Learning magic is helpful in developing a future mentalist, because magic teaches staging, psychology of deception, audience management, and the whole gamut of stagecraft.

One can learn NLP and hypnosis all he can, but if he doesn’t apply his knowledge in those fields in the context of entertaining illusion or, in extreme cases, charlatanism, his NLP and hypnosis would not be of much use to him if mind reading is his goal.

PhotobucketOne last thing. The reason mentalists don’t respond to your queries is that they protect their secrets more zealously than magicians, many of whom have become blabbermouths on YouTube. Mentalists, however, guard their secrets as zealously as the Central Bank guards the country’s gold deposit.

Stay magical,