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PhotobucketInner Magic Club members met last night in a celebratory mood. Many of the performers of Kent Estrada’s The Illusionist show attended, and we compared notes with each other on how well the audience responded to our performances.

President Alex Lagula rated high the show on the number of feedback he received from those who watched it last Friday.

I did receive my share of positive comments, but I think the one I got from one anonymous, attractive lady is hard to beat. Her words made the sun shine that night. I was suffused with warmth so suddenly that inside Teatrino Theater felt like there was a lunar eclipse on the moon.

PhotobucketAfter the curtain call, while members of the cast were having their pictures taken with fans on stage, a fair-skinned lady came up to me.

No, she didn’t say she’d like to take me home, so don’t get ahead of my story. She was with a camera-toting male companion. Could she and I have our picture taken together? she asked.

I wasn’t certain what she ate for dinner, but she was laughing. I thought she was just a bubbly person. So I said, sure, and her male companion fired away with his camera.

That’s when she  blurted out the reason for her bubbly state. She had watched my comedy performance of the Card Sword earlier, she said, and she laughed at the funny parts.

Well, the comment had no effect on me. I performed a comedy routine. I expected her to laugh along with the rest of the audience. If she didn’t, I would entertain thoughts of suicide.

She also said she thought I was funny. This comment has no effect on me either. I have heard it many times before.

“On second thought,” she said, “you were hilarious.” No effect, too. This comment is not new to me. Even my dog thinks I’m hilarious. In my house, only my youngest son Adrian finds me humorless every time I forget giving him his weekly allowance.

But then the lady said something I have not heard before. She said, I was still laughing five minutes after your performance.

PhotobucketShe didn’t say those words in italics, but still they floored me. I was tongue-tied and speechless.

Maybe I exaggerated the other parts of this story, but I swear under penalty of perjury that she said those words, verbatim: I was still laughing five minutes after your performance.

I don’t know if someone could laugh that long. Maybe she was just trying to humor me. Maybe she was just trying to be kind to a magician who dabbled in comedy, so he would not give up trying. I don’t know…

Whether a praise or flattery, her words gave a me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

And those were enough to give the kind of warmth similar to a sunshine in the night when there is an eclipse on the moon.

Stay magical,