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PhotobucketTwo big events in magic will happen this week. Let me mention them in reverse chronological order.

On Friday, August 5, The Illusionist will play at the Teatrino Theater in Greenhills. It stars cruise-ship illusionist and veteran performer of gigs abroad Kent Estrada. Having written the script and concept, I will direct the show and perform as guest artist.

The show features illusions in four acts. The opening number, where Kent will produce seven girls in rapid succession, will set the level of energy and pace of the show. In staging the show, Kent receives a lot of help from established magicians led by comedy performer Alex Lagula.

Also in the guest list are manipulation magicians Ody, Justin Haber, Renee Mucha, Ted Bravo, and Richie Javier, who will showcase their manipulative skills at intervals during the two-hour show. The Firedancers, a dance group with a unique act, will also regale the audience with their brand of dancing that has enthralled audiences abroad.

The show’s playtime is at 7PM. Please come early, as I will hit the start button at exactly 7 in the evening.

If you have not bought your tickets yet, get in touch with Kent at mobile phone 09159477122. Hurry up. Last few tickets are left.

PhotobucketThe other must-go-to magic event is Shoot Ogawa‘s lecture at Quezon City Sports Plaza (Katipunan function room) on Wednesday, August 3, also at 7 PM. George Mamonluk and Chubster Flores run the program and offer Shoot’s lecture/workshop with a free dinner for the magicians who will attend. At the price George and Chubster are offering, that can’t be beat.

Stay magical,