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PhotobucketAfter reading this post, you will be smarter than most magicians in the Philippines who don’t read the stuff on this blog.

They can practice their false cuts and false shuffles until they turn bluer than Blue Marlin, but those long, focused practice sessions won’t make them more intelligent if they pass up reading this article.

I kid you not.

They will remain in the dark and utter words that will proclaim their ignorance.

Don’t be like them. Read what I have to tell you. It’s not a secret like the innerworking of levitating a lady illusion. Still, if you learn what I’m about to tell you, you will distinguish yourself as someone belonging to the elite and smart league of magicians

PhotobucketThe great knowledge I’m referring to is the large pocket in a magician’s tail coat. It’s where you dump your dove when you vanish it

If you have called that pocket “topit”, you are not really dumb. You are just as ignorant as 90 per cent of magicians in the Philippines.

If you were to enter the television game”Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” and asked the question, “What is the name of the tail coat pocket where magicians toss items to vanish them?”, you would stay poor if you answered “topit”.

The correct answer is “profonde.”

Here’s the scholarly definition of the word provided by Magictricks.com: “Large pocket in the tails of a long tuxedo coat that allows the magician to vanish items by tossing them down and behind him, into the pocket.”

PhotobucketAin’t you glad you read this blog? Now, you are smarter than most magicians.

From now on, if you hear a magician call the tail coat pocket “topit”, it means he hasn’t read this article. He is pitifully marooned in his state of ignorance. Smile secretly. Be contented in the thought you are smarter than him

One more time with feeling: the correct term for the tail coat pocket is profonde, not topit.

Now stay cool and magical,