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PhotobucketI have looked at the list of search engine terms that readers use to find this blog.

I’m surprised that a few of them got here by typing “how to practice magic”, “how long to practice”, “how many times to practice”, and other permutations of these search terms.

I said I was surprised because I’ve written about the subject of practice three times already. I think they were well-written articles, full of the best stuff one can find in the whole wide word of practicing magic.

But it’s just me saying that, so you might as well ignore my boast.

Still, it’s a shame if you missed the articles.

PhotobucketSo you won’t blame me for hiding these gems, I provide the links below. Read all the articles, and I promise you that you will become a better magician starting today regardless of your level of skills.

One warning, though. I always break my promise.

Here are the links:

How Many Hours a Day Do You Practice?

How Long and Hard Do You Practice

Stay magical,