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PhotobucketI’m in Cebu today, June 8, to perform for a group of doctors during the launching of ADP Pharma’s Zetrix, an antiallergenic medicine for children.

Over the past few months, the product has brought me to several cities around the country, performing for pediatricians and providing entertainment for its multi-city launches.

In Cebu, the product launch will be held at the Parklane Hotel. I am made to believe that the expected size of the audience is over 100 doctors.

* * *

PhotobucketMs. Marie Mamonluk, the lovely wife of George “The Chinaman” Mamonluk, celebrates her birthday with Inner Magic Club tonight at Pepeton’s Grill and Restaurant. IMC has cancelled its meeting today and instead will provide magic entertainment for the guests.

According to President Alex Lagula, in lieu of the weekly meeting is “pasiklaban” night, featuring member magicians showing off their latest and not-so latest magic routines.

* * *

On August 5, Kent Estrada, together with select members of IMC, will stage a two-hour illusion show at the Teatrino Theater in Greenhills.

I will write the script and direct the show. Kent has asked me to also make a guest appearance and perform one routine, so I will.

The other guest performers to support Kent are Alex Lagula, Richie Javier, Ted Bravo, MagicMan Ody, Justin Haber, Renee Mucha, and the Fire Dancers.

Here’s an early draft of the poster announcing the event.Photobucket

Buy your tickets as early as you can…

…Or I’ll turn you into rabbits.

Stay magical,