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PhotobucketGeorge “The Chinaman” Mamonluk has me on his email list and regularly sends me stuff he has trawled on the Net.

Last week he sent me a collection of European bags that bear cute, funny and outrageous optical illusions.

Let me share with you the collection. As you well know, illusions, whether optical or mental, are the basic ingredients of our art. Magic creators and illusion builders use them as tools to create impossible-looking feats like cutting a lady in half or making a beautiful woman inside a box disappear.

Study these optical illusions on the bags. Rudimentary though they may be, they offer lessons on how to deceive the mind and entertain people, which you may find useful in your performances or in creating magical effects.


This guy is armed and dangerous.


He carries a burden on his shoulder…

PhotobucketHe is kind to animal.

Photobucket She is not.

Photobucket Ouch!

Photobucket That ain’t the way to give me some lovin’.

Photobucket Walking a child…



        How to carry a heavy load…

PhotobucketThe best I saved for last.

Stay magical,