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PhotobucketOkay, rape is a strong, probably inappropriate, word to use to make my point. But before you walk out in disgust, stay around long enough to know what the point is.

The sooner magicians accept the fact that some people just simply don’t like to watch a magic performance, the sooner they get over the hurt of rejection.

Some Christian churches frown on magic performances. While we may tolerate their beliefs, they probably won’t tolerate our magic.

Respect their belief, period. Even if you don’t like their belief, period. Even if you feel a sudden urge to be nasty and spit out “Go to hell!”, period.

Respect their belief, period…period…period…exclamation mark!

PhotobucketWe are entertainers, not debaters. Debating with the believers is not entertaining. Trying to be cute with your magic in the hope that they change their beliefs on the spot is not entertaining.

I once recited the alphabet backward, as an opening gag of an impromptu show. Everybody found it funny, except for a Bible-thumping Christian, who accused me of reverse speech. He said reverse speech is of the devil. An example is the song Hotel California. If one is to play it backward, one can hear a demonic message.

PhotobucketNow I don ‘t know where Hotel California is except that it probably is in California. But to accuse my reverse alphabet as containing Satanic verses made me feel like I wanted to put him in a Head Twister that really twists the head.

But that would not be a politically correct thing to do, would it?

So I backed off and closed the show.

Just remember this (once more and with feeling): we are entertainers. Don’t force your magic on those who don’t want to watch your magic.

Forcing is not entertaining. Forcing is like rape. It may be fun for the rapist but certainly not for the rapee.

Stay magical,



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