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PhotobucketIn an earlier post titled Here’s an Ego-Busting Fact: Magic Can’t Outpace a Camera, I wrote that no magician’s sleight-of-hand can outrun a video camera. The camera will always win if you try to fool it with the speed of your hand. It will always catch the devious move when played in slow motion.

Today, let me tell you of another discovery: you can’t misdirect a camera.

And I have a video to prove that.

PhotobucketIt’s a video of Czech President Vaclav Klaus caught stealing a pen at a press conference during a visit to Chile.

The Czech leader is not a magician, so he didn’t have a chance against the camera.

Lesson for magicians?

Don’t try to fool the camera. Even with misdirection, you can’t. Try editing, splicing, camera tricking and CGIing instead.

Stay magical,