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PhotobucketLifting off the ground with no visible and known attachment or motive power can be the most spectacular illusion ever.

In his first TV special, David Blaine gets incredulous screams from his two-inch Balducci levitation. A higher float would have caused mass hysteria.

PhotobucketLevitation intrigues lay people. Man has not conquered gravity without the help of machines. So anyone floating in the air without the aid of any device is guaranteed to get everybody’s undivided attention.

In fact, if a Filipino magician can float on the street, he will surely stop traffic. Advertisers will hustle for his available dates to hire him in their next event.

Here is a video of a magician levitating outside the White House. Known by his stage name Ramana, he is a Dutch, not Filipino, magician.

It doesn’t matter from what country a levitating magician comes from. Magic is an art with a universal appeal. Regardless of who watches and who performs it, levitation, if it looks good and is devoid of observable trickery, can stop traffic and bring in the crowd.

Here’smagician Ramana’s Time Square wall suspension. Not really a levitation, but still strong enough to gather crowds—and to get him in the evening news.

Stay magical,



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