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PhotobucketDear Leodini,

I hope you can get me out of my agony. Please help me solve a mystery that has given me sleepless nights.

I have asked lots of people about the question that has bugged me for months. Some of those I consulted are college professors, engineers and pilots.They are supposed to be intelligent, well-educated and technically well-rounded, but not one of them can tell me the answer to the question that is driving me mad. How does a magician make his table float?

I don’t care about other magic tricks and illusions. I’m baffled by Cutting a Lady in Half and Asrah Levitation. But I don’t care how they are done. For all I know magicians are using the power of darkness to perform those illusions. I’ll let them be, but please…please…tell me how they make a table float just by holding on to the table-cloth.

I know people look up to you as the Best Magician in the Philippines. You should know the answer. Please tell me the secret of the Floating Table.

Baffled Buffo

Dear Baffled Buffo,

PhotobucketYou are wrong. People don’t look up to me as the Best Magician in the Philippines. They just use that as the search term when Googling for a magician to perform at their child’s birthday party.

If you can’t sleep at night, try sleeping during the day. That strategy is kind of obvious to me. Why it is not to you may suggest the reasons why you can’t crack the mystery of the Floating Table.

PhotobucketWhether floating or non-floating, tables float because of their inherent constituent elements. In simple terms, they are made of wood.

As you well know, wood comes from trees, which illegal loggers fell and turn into lumber. If you subject a piece of lumber to a microscopic examination, you will see that they are made of porous fibers made possible by their atoms having spaces among them. This phenomenon gives lumber the unique quality to float, which is called buoyancy. When a lumber eventually becomes a table, that table will float as easily as a banca, vinta, or pump boat, because it is buoyant.

In the aftermath of the typhoon Ondoy, when flash flood wreaked havoc on the Metropolis, hundreds of tables were observed floating in the inundated streets of Manila, together with cars, trash and other debris.

You don’t believe me?

PhotobucketHere is a photo of everything floating in flood water. Get a magnifying glass, and you’ll see somewhere in the photo a few floating tables.

Stay magical,