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PhotobucketOne excellent tool a magician can use to produce top-rate magic performances is the ability to read the audience.

He must posses sensitivity to the spectator’s feeling, psychically read their thoughts, and divine their needs.

He can do all this by studying the faces of the people watching the show and interpreting the meaning of their look and their body language.

PhotobucketWide eyes mean wonder and amazement. A smile means enjoyment. Laughter means the jokes are funny.

Applause means they like what they are witnessing. If that’s so, keep going. Show them one more trick. You are doing fine.

On the other hand, a glazed look means incomprehension.  Slow down and explain more what you are doing.

Eyes darting around means lack of interest.  Reel people in with an interesting patter.

PhotobucketA yawn indicates boredom. Put the cards back in the box and bid the audience adieu.

Silence (as in absence of laughter and applause) means you suck.  Don’t kid yourself that you stunned your audience into silence.  That your performance is so amazing you rendered people speechless and catatonic. It ain’t that.

You are not praying the Holy Rosary.  You are performing magic.  Don’t go for silence. Go for laughter and applause.

PhotobucketRemember this: laughter and applause are for magicians what medals and trophies are for athletes.

Stay magical,