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PhotobucketWhen David Blaine burst into superstar status overnight via his first street magic TV special, many magicians talked disparagingly about him.

The online chatter reflected the anguish of magicians. A number of them smarted from envy watching a virtually unknown, in ordinary shirt performing for ordinary people, shoot from obscurity to stardom in almost a blink of the eye.

PhotobucketThey say David’s techniques are faulty. He can’t even do a decent Double Lift.

They say he talks in monotone. His patter is far from sparkling.

They say he uses gimmicked coins, stooges, and camera editing.

They say he just got lucky to have bagged a TV contract. As a result, he became an overnight sensation, a shining star of the pop culture, something he less deserved.

Well, maybe David is all the things they say he is and does all the stuff they accuse him of doing.  But being lucky is certainly not just the one contributing factor of his rise to fame.

You see, I believe that all good things don’t come in silver platter. Unless, of course, when somebody serves it to you on a silver platter.

But in this highly competitive world, where business sense guides TV networks’  nose for the money, nobody does that anymore unless you have real talent.

I can imagine David, on his way to fame, worked hard to sell himself to TV networks.  While other magicians passed their time dreaming of stardom and riches by perfecting their Double Lifts, he pounded on several doors, getting hundreds of “no’s before finally getting a “yes”.

(A likely scenario, but if  I imagined wrongly and those TV contracts just fell from the sky and landed on his laps, then he is even a better magician than I thought he is.)

PhotobucketThat David Blaine did not rely on luck alone to become good at what he does can be learned from his 17-minute talk in a video I will share with you. As you all well know, after his successful TV specials (there were several of them I lost count), he established himself as a person of mysterious endurance through a series of publicly performed death-defying stunts.

In the video below, he detailed how he rigorously trained to break the record of holding one’s breath the longest underwater.

He failed to break it, by the slightest margin. Still, be inspired by his dedication to his goal; be encouraged knowing that even the most difficult and dangerous aspirations are within anyone’s grasp if one puts his mind into achieving it.

David Blaine is a true artist dedicated to his art. He is not a product of luck like the way he is put down by “technique” magicians who still dwell in the cellar of public consciousness, passing their time and chances to greatness by perfecting hot-shot cuts.

David is a success because he works hard to be an entertainer, just like all successful entertainers do.

Watch him on this video for inspiration and become a more dedicated entertainer yourself.

David Blaine: How I held my breath for 17 minutes

Stay magical,