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PhotobucketTed Orlando of Denmark is a professed regular reader of this blog.

These past few days, he has corresponded with me about rare (and expensive) sets of Multiplying Bottles and the rarely seen trick Light Bulbs from the Mouth. He knows many things about those tricks and has given me performance tips.  Not only that, he tracked down their sources, so I would know where to buy them.

After reading yesterday’s post (Here’s and Ego-Busting Fact: Magic Can’t Outpace a Camera), Ted suggested more ways of beating the unblinking eye of high-speed cameras with magic.

Hi Leo, this is to comment on your latest article on “Camera versus Sleight of Hand” (as usual, fantastically written by you and so bloody true in its advice).

PhotobucketLet me suggest that you add to your examples (Square Circle, Card Box, etc.) some MENTAL effects, like “mind reading”.

I would wonder how cameras (even those capable of taking some hundred thousand pictures per second) can “follow” the thoughts that obviously rush at a lightning speed from the spectator´s mind to the mentalist.

I wish I was there and let them take fast-peed pictures from my talking skull (hahaha), or the mind reading of a freely, just thought-of card.

Ted Orlando

Thanks, Ted, for the additional ideas.  It’s nice to have someone take up the slack when I begin missing some points I want to make.

Stay magical,