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PhotobucketI must either be queer or have a grotesque sense of humor. I don’t know. But I laughed out loud at the video which I am about to show you.

I can’t even tell for sure if the video is staged. Still I laughed till I got stomach cramps.

If it’s real, and somebody was hurt, then forgive me for my dreadful sense of humor.

Before I show you the video, though, let me lay the predicate of this humor.

PhotobucketIt emanated from talent searches now popular on television. Over the recent years, reality TV programs such as American Idol and Britain’s Got Talent have attracted talents who, without these television searches, would have withered in the vine unnoticed by the world.

Curiously, these talent searches also have the knack for attracting hordes of non-talents. Clueless singers who can’t sing, dancers who can’t dance, and novelty artists who can’t perform—they all flock to auditions and present themselves to the judges of these programs as if they had talents.

The nerve of these non-talents to join talent contests could not be a cultural thing. Franchised around the world, American Idol and Britain’s Got Talent attract the same hordes of untalented individuals in Malaysia, Vietnam and even the Philippines.

Why individuals who don’t have the voice would audition for a spot in a singing contest is a brain-twister to me. For me, it is undiluted delusion, an affliction of the mind.

PhotobucketThis affliction is, of course, not specific to singing. It cuts across all types of performing fields. In magic, I have seen a number of magicians who can’t manipulate billiard balls yet will perform billiard ball manipulation in front of a live audience. This is also a brain teaser to me.

And let’s not even mention comedy magicians who can’t deliver a punchline, illusionists who can’t hack it, and birthday party magicians who get eaten by children alive, because I have a few anecdotes about them.

The audaciousness of some wannabe artists is deplorable were they not funny.  In most cases, though, their presumptuousness poses no harm, except to their reputation and to the art they represent.

I never expected artists who are clueless about the extent of their talent or lack of  it to be dangerous. I am wrong. The video below shows that being unaware of one’s lack of ability can be harmful.

Escuse me as a suppress another laughing fit.

Stay magical,