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PhotobucketToday, and in other days when I’m in the mood, I’ll play the part of a magic guru.  I’ll dispense wisdom to the great unwashed. This is wisdom distilled through years of performing magic, graciously offered to anyone who is not smart enough to trust me.

Here’s one secret of successful magic performances:

Easy does it, don’t overspeed, perform at a leisurely pace.

Okay, those are three secrets, but they mean the same thing—which is, don’t shock and awe your audience with the speed of your performance.

PhotobucketGive your audience some breathing space, so they can swallow and digest the performance.

Don’t smother them with machine-gun fire magic. Magic is not a serve-and-volley tennis game where you have to serve the ball at radar-busting speed to get past your opponent.

Magic doesn’t need brute force. It is about smoothness and naturalness.

Speed is not natural. Even if a performer successfully executes his sleight-of-hand at supersonic speed, his audience will still know something happened out of the ordinary. They don’t know what exactly happened, but they know something did.  A mere suspicion of the method breaks whatever illusion you may want to create.

PhotobucketSpeed is for the race track. Smoothness and elegance is for the close-up mat and stage.

Say that out loud. Repeat and rinse.

Ain’t I profound today?

Stay magical,