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Dear Leodini,

Please get me out of my agony. I love magic props—Square Circle, Origami Illusion, Interlude, etc.

I know it’s a lot of trouble to cart them from one gig to another. But when I have them with me, I feel like I’m a real magician performing extraordinary miracles.

My problem is that magic experts on online forums nix the idea of using props to create magic.  They say it’s more practical to use “packs flat, plays big” items than lug around large props from one show to another.

Which route will I take? Using large props, which is  my preference, or “packs flat, plays big” tricks, which I find to be mostly bland and lacking in impact?

Please share with me your wisdom. I always look up to you as PhilippinesYoda of magic.


Luke Skyrunner

Hi Luke,

First of all, Philippine magic has no Yoda. So you are greatly mistaken when you mistake me for Yoda.

What Philippine magic has is Hans Solo. I’d be glad if you mistake me for him.

Now I don’t know what movies you have watched lately, but I think we’re watching the same titles.

Anyway, don’t believe the armchair experts who populate online forums. For singing paeans to “packs flat, plays big” tricks, they are given to mouthing fallacies like “it’s not what you do but how you do it.”

Don’t believe this nonsense. Magic is as much HOW you do it as WHAT you do.

PhotobucketIf you can vanish the Statue of Liberty, people will be flustered.

If you can part the Red Sea, they will talk about  your miracle for centuries to come. They will debate about it, nitpick it, subject it to laboratory tests. All this will fortify your reputation as a miracle maker.

In case you didn’t notice it, vanishing the Stature of Liberty and parting the Red Sea are the WHAT’s of magic. They are pretty spectacular, if you asked me. If you could do them with your Blammo Box, you’d trump any “packs flat, plays big” tricks by a million light years no matter HOW well they are done.

You want to cart around big boxes while dashing from one show to another?

Have it your way.  If you are happy doing it, by all means lug those big stuff around.

If you can create miracles and entertain your audience easier using the Square Circle than using a thumb tip, then use the Square Circle.

Don’t be guilty about using magic props.  You are a magician.  Magic props are your tools of the trade as much as a welding machine is your car mechanic’s equipment to fix your Toyota‘s dent.

It would be awkward if you use the welding machine to produce and vanish a duck. It can’t be done, even if you are magician. And you car’s mechanic would not understand.

PhotobucketHave fun with your magic props and blow your audiences away.

Stay magical,