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PhotobucketI’m not a big fan of Penn and Teller.  Never was.

Still, just like millions around the world, lay people and magicians alike, I’m kinda a fan. It’s just that I’m not a big fan.

I don’t grovel at their footstools. Nor do I bow my head in obeisance at their presence. Nor do I adore their shadows. Nor do I hold them in my thoughts with utter reverence.

These irreverent performers don’t deserve reverence.  Which might just as well. They’d probably find people paying them reverence cloying.

PhotobucketI’m not crazy about their performing style. There’s a hint of obnoxiousness in their personality.

I don’t know if this is only a pretend obnoxiousness that they exude as part of their performing personas or if this comes about because of their iconoclasm.  The way they poke fun at cherished beliefs and traditions of magic has not endeared them to some magicians.

Still, I’ll admit they perform excellent magic.  Their performances are outstanding, their magic jaw-dropping.

Here’s one Penn and Teller performance that has all the ingredients of a Penn and Teller magic—poking fun at the traditions (secrets) of magic and yet totally and thoroughly entertaining.

Watch and be amused.  If you are magician, be distressed too.

As for me, after watching this clip, I felt  like groveling at their footstool, bowing my head in obeisance in the presence, kissing their shadows and putting them up on a pedestal to show my deepest respect for their huge talents as magic performers.

I’m sure they will find all this cloying.

Stay magical,