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PhotobucketFor some time now, my doctor has told me I have chemical imbalance in my blood. My cholesterol is elevated. My uric acid is high. And my sugar is creeping toward the danger line of what’s allowable.

All this I got from my diet.

So today, instead of talking about magic, I will rant about the food we eat.

As a magician in the Philippines, I’m endowed with magic powers and psychic abilities. Still, I’d say that when it comes to what’s happening to our daily meals, I don’t get it.

The foods we eat may give us nutrients today. Over time they will kill us. Along with minerals, vitamins and other nutritious substances, the foods we eat, in this modern, technology-advanced world contain poison.

That’s the awful truth.

PhotobucketI tremble at the thought of it. Nobody will survive life eating. One can go to a fine-dining restaurant, put delicious food into his mouth using expensive silver utensils, and pay wallet-busting amount for a meal. He is still going to die as surely as the guy who eats a P10-hamburger in a corner hamburger stand.

Why? Because those eatable, delicious, comestible stuff we call meal—either in meat, vegetable, fruit, liquid or solid form—contain poisons, bacteria, toxin, viruses, germs, artery-clogging fats, parasites and other nondescript chemicals.

These contaminants will kill anyone, without exception. Carnivores, vegetarians, fruitarians, alcoholics anonymous and identified, ascetics, dieters and calorie-counters—they will all succumb to their lethal servings.

Nutrients today, poison tomorrow—that’s what our meals are.

If you think I’m upset, you think right. I can’t think anymore of a food to eat that will not someday give me health problems.

PhotobucketI can’t eat fruits. They contain acids that will act up my hyper-acidic stomach.

I can’t eat peanuts and Baguio beans. They will raise my uric acid level.

I can’t eat vegetables like my favorite cabbage and pechay. Farmers have sprayed them with insecticides when growing them.

I can’t eat seafood. Red-tide toxin may have contaminated them.

I can’t eat pork, chicken, egg, or even dinosaur meat. They are rich with artery-hardening cholesterol.

PhotobucketAnything containing trans fats like saturated fat is out of my menu. Trans fats are present in cookies, pasta, pizza and doughnuts. Health experts tell us fats contribute in the spread of cardiovascular diseases. Eat them at your own risk, that’s their ominous warning.

I can’t eat greasy foods. They will make me obese.

I can’t eat raw foods, either. Raw foods contain raw parasites and raw bacteria. Yuk!

I can’t even eat crunchy bread now. I just learned bakers use processed vegetable oils to make baked goods crunchy.

I can’t even eat foods added with artificial food coloring. According to BBC News, “A source at the University told food industry magazine the Grocer that their results supported findings first made seven years ago that linked the additives to behavioral problems such as temper tantrums, poor concentration, hyperactivity and allergic reactions.”

Must be the reason I’m having a bad temper today.

What am I gonna eat now?

As a Filipino magician, I’m tempted to wave my wand and conjure my own healthy foods and drinks for my next meal.