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PhotobucketI found this message in my mail box several days ago. I already emailed the sender my thoughts. I’m reprinting here the message and my reply for the benefit of readers who may have the same concern as the message-sender.

The message came from a mother seeking help for her son to improve his magic.

Hi there,

I have a 23-year-old son who has recently been doing some magic tricks.  He’s learning them from YouTube. I can see that performing magic has become his passion, because even only from YouTube he is getting better.

Yesterday, he seemed frustrated. He told me he’s not getting better, because he lacked schooling or training.

Can you help my son?  His heart is really set on this and even with his small knowledge or few tricks, he is making a lot of kids happy.

Thank you and Merry Christmas.

With best regards,

Monina G. Mena


PhotobucketHi Monina,

Learning magic from YoutTube is, in my opinion, not the best way to learn magic. YouTube magicians teach magic, but they perform for a fixed angle, namely, head on and toward the camera.

As a result, the student magician learns the wrong way to perform magic live. In real-life situation, the spectators are usually “in the round”—meaning there are people watching not only from the front of the performer but also from the sides, and even from behind him, which is the worst performing condition one can find himself in.

PhotobucketA beginning magician should learn how to perform magic for people surrounding him, not just to an audience fixed in front of him. That is why I don’t think highly of YouTube as a tool for learning magic, because it limits its performing angle to just in front of the performer.

Your son can have a better and correct training if he joins Inner Magic Club.  Not only will he enjoy the company of people with the same passion as he has, but he also can get good performing tips from hobbyists, enthusiasts and even professional magicians.  In addition, he can hone his skills by performing regularly before a live audience.

PhotobucketYou see, learning magic is like learning a language.  To learn a language you have to speak it.  In the same way, to learn magic you have to perform it live in front of real people—not just before a mirror, friends, family members, or a video camera.  Also you have to perform often (not once in a while) to master the craft.

He can get all these performing opportunities from being a member of IMC, because we conduct a monthly competition, stage public performances, volunteer for charity shows, mount theater shows, and join festivals of magic both here in the Philippines and abroad.

If you need to know the requirements of becoming an IMC member, please visit the following link: