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PhotobucketYou may have heard this said before: Christmas is the most magical time of the year.

Whoever said that must be a marketing guru commissioned to hype up this season by some entrepreneurs with a goal to make oodles of money before the year ends.

I agree that the Yuletide season casts a magic spell on the populace. It turns everyone into zombies who willingly hand their money over to merchants of all colors and levels of honesty.

PhotobucketWhatever platitudes others may say about it, this season to be merry is basically a season of commerce.  Everyone buys, buys, and buys.  Even those without money, buy stuff, empty their pockets, and max out their credits cards. All this in the name of gift giving, charity, and being merry.

PhotobucketIn the end, only the merchants find true merriment in this bargain. They are grinning ear to ear, counting their money, and laughing their way to the bank.  Meanwhile, when the New Year blues set in, the great unwashed, conned into parting with their money, nurses their hangover and goes back to a pauper’s existence.  By then, the magic is gone.

Why I’m saying this?

Because I’m fascinated by whoever invented Christmas and made it magical.  He probably is not a magician.  No  magician can hypnotize the masses to spend inordinate amount of money during Christmas—not even if he uses the latest Square Circle.

PhotobucketBut, hey look, what has he done to the Christian world.  He has put it under his spell and made them into unthinking automatons throwing money in the air to celebrate the birthday of someone who was born destitute.

Am I complaining because of the irony of this?

Nope.  I am happy, as every magician in the Philippines is happy during the Christmas season.  Some of the money being thrown around generates a lot of business for entertainers.  Gazillion parties are thrown every day of December.  A lot of party organizers hire magicians to entertain at their events.  December, therefore, is the busiest time of the year not only for magicians but for all types of entertainers.

So if you don’t find me here updating this blog, I must be somewhere in the Metropolis and nearby towns, mesmerizing audiences at their Christmas parties with my brand of magic .

Let’s get on with the merriment. Catch you later.

Stay magical,