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PhotobucketToday, when I opened my mail box, I found an email message from Mr. Riquet Alain. It started with an apology in English and then went on to state his purpose in French.

Hallo Mr. Leodini, excuse me I’m speak little English.  I’m French. Je vous envoie cette email si enventuellement vous avez un plans de fabrication sur Origamie Illusions je suis amteur magician , illusionniste  est je voudrais cette superbe illusion. J espere avoir une reponse de vous je vous remercie  a bientot Mr. RIQUET ALAIN

Hi Alain,

I don’t speak French, so I didn’t fully understand what you were saying.  Your French, though, read nice.  I’m sure it also sounds better when spoken.

PhotobucketI love languages. French is one of the most beautiful for me.  It sounds inscrutable and thus inviting to learn.

One of my pretentious goals in life is to learn at least five languages.  But I’m a slow learner when it comes to learning foreign tongues.  I have been studying English all my life, yet I still haven’t  mastered it.  Because I’m a native Bisaya, I even have trouble with Tagalog, so what can I expect when trying to learn a foreign language?

Oh yes, I have spent months studying Japanese. Until now, all I can show for my efforts is a few phrases I memorized from a Japanese handbook.  Haven’t I told you I’m a slow learner?

But don’t worry.  Even though I don’t speak French, I have a way of knowing your thoughts.  Aside from being a magician in the Philippines, I am also a mind-reader.

Not only that, the Internet offers a variety of language translators.  All I did was enter your French text to the online Babylon 8 French-English translator and, voila!, like magic I got what you mean.

Ain’t I a genius?

For the benefit of the rest of the readers, here’s Babylon 8’s translation of Mr. Riquet’s message:

“I sent you this email if you have a enventuellement plans of production on Origamie Illusions i am amteur magician , illusionist is i would like this superb illusion j espere to have an answer from you I thank you a bientot Mr. RIQUET ALAIN.”

Here’s an expanded version of my reply to Mr. Riquet. I  emailed it to him earlier:

I think you are asking me where to find a working plan for the Origami Illusion.

The Origami Illusion is a Jim Steinmeyer creation, but I believe no extant copies of the plan are available except perhaps from the creator himself.

If that is the case, you will do well to contact him directly.  Here’s his web site: jimsteinmeyer.com If he does not make the illusion anymore, then he may point you to authorized builders.

PhotobucketYou can order a finished Origami from authorized builders (I believe there are only two of them).  Here’s a link to one: Wellington Enterprises.

Or you may want to visit the site of John Gaughan of Los Angeles, John Gaughan & Associates.

His website is under construction, but John leaves a contact number you can call.

I hope I was of help.  Good luck.

Stay magical,