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PhotobucketI’m sure as entertainers, we magicians in the Philippines, have heard of the old saying, “The show must go on.”

It is not only old but also sacred. Many entertainers, not only magicians, subscribe to this tenet. How seriously and how far they will go to keep it depends of course on the situation and their dedication to their art.

PhotobucketI’m reminded of this topic after watching today Sigfried and Roy‘s last magic performance.  It happened five years after the tiger attack on Roy during a live show. The tiger sent him to the hospital, nearly killed him and injured him for life.  Worst of all, it ended the duo’s career.

Their last performance is painful to watch but touching. It reminds me of the rule “The show must go on” that many entertainers impose upon themselves.  In this case, Sigfried and Roy made sure not only to go on with the show but also to end it in a triumphant fashion.

They performed beautiful magic and ended in an emotional way a soaring career that had regaled thousands of fans over many years.

I share this video with the readers before I launch myself into a discourse on “The show must go on.”

Stay magical,