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by Ingrid Samson


The author, Ingrid Samson, in her impression of a fashion model.

It was another night of festivities as the Inner Magic Club (IMC) celebrated its 14th anniversary on October 20, 2010, at Pepeton’s Bar and Grill.  The newly elected set of club officers was also inducted that night, making it even more memorable.


Alex Lagula recieves the mantle of leadershisp from outgoing president Cris Castro.

The induction of officers, hosted by Boy Samson, started off with a short inspirational talk by Honorable Justice Rudy Palatao (who is also a magic enthusiast, and incidentally, the owner of the venue).  This was followed by a message from outgoing President Cris Castro.  The new officers then appeared out of thin air, the magical Technicolor Dreamcoat passed on to the new President, Alex Lagula, and the rest of the new officers were officially crowned and given their glowing scepters.  Okay, I got a little carried away there.


Justice Palatao installs tshe new set of officers.

Soon, the floor was given to Jeff Tam and guest host Brod Pete for the anniversary celebration.

Think a group of magicians would be sick and tired of watching and performing magic?  Not this one.  Club members and guests, magicians and laymen alike were given a real treat with performances by Glenn Cuevas, Sheena May Tan, Danna Pricones, Michaella Javier, Paul Adriano, Boy Alviz, Sam Halili, and Kent Estrada.

Various celebrity guests, Leo Martinez, Rey Langit, Mike Enriquez, and Robin Padilla even graced the occasion, courtesy of Jeff’s comedy impersonation.  It was also an honor for IMC to have.. uh… physically present notable guests, Aris Parilla and General Bobby Calinisan.  The good general was also made an honorary IMC member via unanimous decision by the Board.


Sheena and Kent enthrall the audience withs their version of the Voodoo Box.

Energy was high, and the members were all pumped up as their photos were taken in preparation for the upcoming Festival of Magic (the Next Level) in Dingle, Iloilo.  See you there!