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PhotobucketJulie Andrews has her favorite things like raindrops and roses. I too have my favorite tricks like the following:

My first favorite trick (or the trick I like to perform most from now till the end of time) is self-levitation. I don’t want to levitate just one or two inches. I want to hover over everybody’s head.

This trick is still in the realm of the impossible. But believe me, I’m stirring my brain with an egg beater every day to find the solution to the age-old enterprise of conquering gravity.

PhotobucketMy second favorite trick is walking on water. I can now walk on water for about two feet (a feat people find funny instead of amazing).

But what I really want is to walk a record one mile on water. It will be good to find a Camel at the end of that one-mile walk. Then I can sell the trick to a cigarette company as an advertisement with a tag line, “I’ll walk a mile on water for a Camel.”Photobucket

My third favorite trick to perform is changing a P20 bill to P500. A portable trick, it packs small and flat, but it has the impact of a one-ton boulder hurled at you at 93,000 miles per hour.

PhotobucketThe perfect opener for walk-around or table hopping performances, it blows away lay people. Nobody can resist an opening line, “Please make sure this P20 bill is genuine”. After a few minutes of close examination and they don’t find anything wrong with the bill, I change it to P500. After years of performing this trick, I’ve seen people’s jaws drop to the floor, eyes dislodge from their sockets, and tongues stiffen with speechlessness.

I once took a vacation in rural Zamboanga del Norte and performed the trick to farmers taking a rest under a mango tree and drinking tuba (coconut wine). I turned a piece of paper into P100. I then gave them the P100 to buy more tuba.

They put me on a pedestal and declared me a national hero. I think they also petitioned their parish priest to name a saint after me.

So there. These are my the  favorite tricks I like to perform. I have several others, but my favorite philosophy is not to announce to the world my favorites—except for the ones I already revealed to you…

…Because I’m not Julie Andrews.

Stay magical,



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