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PhotobucketIt’s not the readers’ fault if they feel they need a compass, a GPS system or other navigational tools to find their way around this blog.  Neither it is the fault of magic lovers interested in joining Inner Magic Club.

I don’t know whose fault it is, but I’m sure it is not the readers’.

And it definitely is not mine.

PhotobucketI have this eerie feeling that my inability to identify the culprit of a confusion is similar to the country’s befuddlement in the aftermath of  the Manila Bus Hostage fiasco.

Eight Hong Kong nationals died, yet according to the main characters of the hostage negotiation, rescue operation, news dissemination, government communication and diplomacy,  not one of them was at fault.

If the hostage-taker were alive today, he’d probably also insist he was not at fault.

How could a bloody carnage that resulted in eight deaths be possible and nobody is at fault?

PhotobucketIt is a riddle that has so many answers no one is willing to answer them, let alone be answerable for their action or inaction. Not in this faultless society of ours.

The same thing is true with navigating this blog.

On top of this page  is the header.  It screams the title of this blog, Leodini’s Inner Magic.  Underneath it is the tagline, A Magician in the Philippines Shares his Views on Entertaining Family Audiences. Below the tagline is a menu of links— Home, About Leodini, Contact Leodini, etc., and How to Apply for Membership.

If readers would as much as glance at the right side of this page (the wide sidebar) and scroll down just a bit, they would find the same menu of links staring them in the eye.

PhotobucketYet for some strange reasons, many readers cannot find those links.

Now I have racked my brain to design this blog so the navigation will be a no-brainer.  Still time and again, I receive emails and messages asking me how to Apply for Membership in IMC.

For the nth time, let me say it again.  I have spelled out the requirements for membership application here.  Or here…How To Apply for Membership. Or on the links on the header.  Or on the links on the right sidebar.

This strange phenomenon of asking me to repeat myself on the subject of IMC membership has led me to the conclusion that I have designed faulty navigation system for the pages of this blog. Visitors just get lost when they are here. They can’t seem to find their way around the different pages of this blog.

Again, it is not the fault of the readers if they find exploring this blog like negotiating a maze.  And because I’m a magician in the Philippines, born with genes of a race with the inability to own up faults, I declare it is not also my fault that readers can’t find their way around this blog.

Whose fault is it, then?

Don’t ask me.  I’m still investigating the matter thoroughly.

I’m mentioning all this, because I just got the following email in my mailbox.  It is Exhibit 1 of my inability to give my readers unambiguous navigational tools.


I’d like to know how to join your group of magicians (Inner Magic Club)?

I’m Chris from Makati.  I do (still an amateur though) quite some cards, coins and couple of small objects magics, kind of like a street magic.

I’m really interested in the art of magic, but I don’t really plan to put up a big show or become a professional stage magician.  I’m just a guy who’d like to do magic to friends, office folks and some street areas. I find performing magic really fun. I’m still learning, though.  🙂

I hope you can give me some good directions. I’d like to meet people having the same interest as mine.

I’m 30 yrs old, from Makati, by the way.


I apologize to the letter-writer for the confusing navigation of this blog.  If he got lost around here, it’s not his fault. In consonance with the national habit of self-exoneration, it is not my fault either.

Here’s my answer to his question:

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your interest in joining Inner Magic Club.

You will find the requirements for IMC membership here: How to Apply for Membership. Follow the link to go there.

Read all the comments that come after the article, as there are few more details such as day and time of our meeting, and address of our meeting place, that were added to the information in the post.

Just ask to see the Chairman of the Membership Committee to receive your orientation or pre-application briefing.

I’d be glad to see you drop by our Club one of these days.

Stay magical,