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Bronze sculpture, thought to be either Poseido...

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Magikel (Kel Fabie) wrote a beautiful post on his blog.

It’s beautiful because it talks about me.  You see, I have an elegant taste when it comes to aesthetics.  That’s why I recognize beauty every time I see one.

And the article about me is beautiful.

PhotobucketAnybody with a contrary opinion,  don’t even think about blurting it out, or I’ll prick your picture with needles. I also have your voodoo doll on file.  I’ll wring its neck, and you will feel pain in every part of your body as if someone have just Moonwalked all over you.

What I know about Kel is that he is a respected blog writer with prolific output (something I want to ratchet up but don’t have time to do it), an entertainer who amazes audiences with feats of mentalism (something I love to do more often but can’t get a handle of), and someone stout-hearted enough to venture into stand-up comedy (something I dabble in but lack the courage not to chicken out from live performances ).

If you notice, I have three “somethings” there that Kel is doing with the same passion I have. The only difference is that I’m doing all this with only passable success. So you listen to him when he writes about me.

PhotobucketOkay, I’m being facetious.  Please, understand that reading beautiful reviews about myself always gets to my head. I’m like cheese placed under the heat of the sun…I’m melting in my giddy feeling.

Head off to Kel’s blog and read Project 365 (240/365): Leodini

Stay magical,