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PhotobucketI got the following message from my Inbox yesterday.  It’s about the matter of exposures…again.

Good day Sir Leodini.

It is me again, your blog fan named Zephyr.

I have a concern that I want to talk about, and I really don’t t know who to handle this.

PhotobucketI was going about the world-wide web the other day when I came across a Pinoy social forum, the one with several different categories which range from movies to religion. I was amused to see it had a magic section. You find the usual stuff of people sharing videos of their performances of effects and discussions about the art. But that was not what caught my attention.

What enraged me was that there was a “Magic Video Tutorial Download” thread where the members would post links to downloads of instructional videos. The videos range from material from Ellusionist to material from Paul Harris. The links are just sitting there and waiting for laymen to download them.

I wanted to know if there was anything that can be done about this because first it is illegal, and secondly because of the exposure of methods.

I haven’t tried contacting the administrator or owner of the forum yet, because I really don’t know how to approach this sort of situation.

Any advice?



Hi Zephyr,

PhotobucketI have written posts about magic exposures in the past.  Too many for one magician in the Philippines to be writing all by his lonesome about this complex topic. I wish you and the other readers of this blog see my earlier posts on this subject (that is, if you haven’t done so yet). In that way, you will have a greater understanding of my views on this matter.

Here are the links to my previous articles related to exposures:

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Now as to your questions. If the links provided in the forum are to torrent sites, there may be nothing legal you can do about it.  Even large companies and anti-piracy groups have not scored successes against net sharing sites, so one more quixotic fight against it will probably be doomed to failure.

You may read up the forum rules of that site.  If the forum disallows its members to distribute copyrighted material, or prohibits posting of links to download sites of illegal material, or if it frowns upon infringement of rights to creative works, then you may report the thread for deletion.

Stay magical,