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PhotobucketI used to be a photo buff. My camera was always my constant companion.  I shot pictures of my children, my wife, and everything of interest and of no interest to me.

I snapped pictures of animals, flowers, and even small—very small objects—like ants and worms.  I even shot pictures of pictures.

Today, however, I’ve lost my passion for photography.  I have two still cameras and two video camcorders in the house.  I could easily record my shows for posterity, publicity and marketing, but I have chosen not to.

PhotobucketI no longer bring cameras to my gigs. I just lost my enthusiasm for snapping pictures of me, especially when I’m performing.  It’s not only impossible, it is also not advisable.  Taking pictures of myself when I’m performing just gets in the way of my magic.

So lately, I depend on my clients to provide me with video clips and photographs of my shows. Here’s one example from the Multiply page of EKLEKTIK  Brute Force Photography, which provided photo coverage of the magic show during the launching of the new Honda City in Glorietta Mall. See the photos here: Leodini @ Honda IntenCITY.

magician in the philippines,leodini,magic,party,birthday,Filipino,Pinoy,Philippines

Photos by Randell Liwanag and Edicarl New

The other week, Geraldine Doria, the proud mom of baby boy Manolo, posted the photo collage below on her Facebook account.  The collage was taken during my performance at Manolo’s first birthday party.  I like the way the photograph is composed and how I look like a cross between Brad Pitt and Mel Gibson, so I asked her if I could publish it on this blog.

She gave me permission to bring it here, so here it is to feed my narcissistic needs.

Thanks, Geraldine, for the nice remembrance of my performance at Manolo’s birthday.

Stay magical,