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Yup, I’m back from vacation, fully recharged but went back right into performing at parties and events as if I didn’t take any time off.

After a brief swing in Cebu City and Bohol, where my family and I admired the gorgeous beaches, old churches and the Chocolate Hills, I did back-breaking gigs.

I don’t know what came into my mind when I booked those shows, but I think I forgot I was not as young as before. So I accepted them all, mindless of the pacing and the consequence to my body and psyche.Photobucket

To fulfill those gigs, my assistants and I had to turn into guerrillas…

I did two  shows in Iligan City (matinee and dinner shows), which was the fun part of this whole affair.  The hard part was to get there.  My son Kevin, long-time assistant Allan and I had to wake up at 2 AM to catch the first flight to Cagayan de Oro City, motored all the way to Iligan City, caught our breath, and then did the technical checks and set-up to perform the shows.

PhotobucketAfter the second show, we packed up our stuff, hit the sack at around 12 midnight, woke up at 2 AM, motored back to Cagayan de Oro City to catch a plane back to Manila.

We planned to arrive at NAIA at least by 9 AM, so we could make it to our lunch party.  We didn’t even have time to go home anymore to Cavite to wash ourselves.  My brother-in-law Jun met us at the airport and brought us to the hotel where we would be performing.  But first, we had to eat a quick breakfast at Mc Donald’s.

After the lunch show, we rushed to catch our 3 PM party, because the birthday mom wanted me to perform tableside magic for the early birds. Kevin and Allan, like true guerrilla warriors, took naps while waiting for our part in the program.

PhotobucketAfter the day’s shows, we finally arrived home at around 9 PM, all exhausted, bleary eyed and drowsy.  When time came to jump to bed, I felt my body was aching all over, as if  I had been whacked by a baseball bat.

I’m not complaining.  On the contrary, I welcome the tight schedule.  It stretches me.  It forces me to work harder and prevents me from turning into a slouch.

I’m looking forward to more stretching exercises and guerrilla warfare like that.

Stay magical,