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PhotobucketOkay, I know I need to update this blog, but I’d rather not.  I’m still on vacation.

I did a quick family reunion show last Saturday at the Cebu Grand Convention Center, but after that we went to Bohol to see all the lovely tourist spots there.

When I say “we”, I meant my whole family—my five children and my wife.

PhotobucketLet me tell you about the trip when I get back to Manila and show some photos.

From Cebu, together with my Balikbayan sister and two other sisters, we took a quick trip to Bohol. My children had a big kick out of riding a witch’s broom and flying over  Chocolate Hills.  I will post a photo of that magical moment when I get back home to scan the picture.

I said I’d rather not add a post to this blog while I’m on vacation, but my cousin’s home, where we are staying in Tagbilaran, has Internet connection. I don’t have the discipline to follow my self-imposed rule to disengage myself from the world. So here I am typing on the keyboard to cobble a few paragraphs about our trip.

To think about it, with today’s technology, I find it impossible to take a real vacation from workaday life.  The Internet follows us around the civilized word, and the cell phone keeps nagging us to answer all incoming calls and text messages.

I just discovered that, after all the years of not taking a vacation, one really cannot get away from it all.  Today’s technology won’t allow vacation in the real sense of the word the way it used to be.

Stay magical,