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by Geoffrey Hansen

You won’t believe it– it is the 4th of July in the USA and I ran into PROF. MONTE the famous Filipino magician and his daughter.

He is currently in a wheelchair, but seems to be OK.  He asked me about ZIALCI, and I told him about the stroke and the fact he is currently living in Oregon.

When asking about ABGAL, I informed him of his death.  He wanted to know about TAMPLIN, and I explained he was living in Manila and doing OK.  DeMILO TORRENTE is the most active of the famous “old time magicians”…still going strong and performing around the world.

PROF. MONTE told me about “cutting the head” (one of his popular routines) and talked about his “good friend ZIALCI.”

I thought you’d like this update.


Hi Geoffrey,

Thanks, thanks, thanks for the news.

I just saw Demilo Torrente perform at the Philamlife Theater in Manila last week.  To close his act, he swallowed a spear! He is the only magician/fakir I’ve ever seen who is not content with swords to swallow. He has to ram a spear down his throat to entertain his audience, and he does it with panache that is uniquely Demilo Torrente.

Tamplin still visits our weekly meetings occasionally, but he has trouble moving around the city without a companion because of his failing eyesight.  What amazes me is, he still remembers the moves of old tricks and performs Gospel magic every time he attends our meeting.

Stay magical,