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PhotobucketYesterday, somebody rang me up on my mobile phone.

The caller was a lady researcher from a popular weekly TV program.  She wanted to know if I was interested to appear on her program to reveal magic tricks.

She was sweet.  “We will let you wear a mask, so that nobody will recognize you.”

PhotobucketHow considerate and thoughtful of her! Offering me a mask to betray my art.

What was the mask for?

In her simple-minded understanding of the art of snitching, the mask will protect me from harm in the event my exposure would turn some  magicians in the Philippines into demented carabaos.  Or when I drive a number of them to violence.

I thought she was thoroughly clueless not to understand that magic is the profession of many Filipinos in the magic community.  It brings food to their tables.  It is a goose that lays golden eggs. Why would I even contemplate of killing the goose by exposing magic secrets and affect the livelihood of fellow magicians?Photobucket

I was hurt.  For being asked to play the Masked Magician, I felt she had a low regard of me.

In my younger days, her invitation would have driven me mad.  I probably would have hit the ceiling. I would then say something nasty to her.

But over the years I have mellowed.  I understand she was just a researcher doing her job.  In fairness to her, she was doing it well.  She got my cell phone number.  How did she do that? I have no idea, but I know it’s her job to find even the most obscure personality in the county, if her TV station would assign her the task.

What I hate about the Masked Magician is not really his rampaging to expose magic secrets.  Many magicians without masks expose magic secrets daily, when they perform under-rehearsed tricks. Or when, by carelessness, they mess up their tricks.  Heavens know I have—several times in the past.  Nobody’s perfect.  I have sinned too.

If exposures per se doesn’t rile me up, what then?

It is the effect of the Masked Magician’s revelation to the integrity of magic performers.

Some people outside the magic community have entertained the idea that all magicians, or a least a good number of them, are mercenaries.  They can be bought, at bottom rock prices, to betray their art.

Not only that, influenced by the masked betrayer, lay people think they can promote cowardice and get away with it by asking the snitches to wear masks.

PhotobucketWhat a letdown. Wearing a mask on the road to ignominy…hmm and grrr!

Stay magical,