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PhotobucketI never really like the Origami illusion.  Not even when such big-name performers like the Pendragons (who surely are no slouches when they are onstage) perform it.

I can’t tell you exactly what I don’t like about the illusion.  The reason(s) of my dislike is nebulous in my heart.  It is a feeling thing as opposed to a logic thing.

PhotobucketWell, maybe it is also a logic thing (see, I’m not sure), because not all Origami performances underwhelm me.

I like the Origami the way Doug Henning performed it on TV many years ago. He used a very thin table that is light-years ahead in design and construction compared to the monstrosities I have seen other magicians cart around from gig to gig.

I provided a video clip below, so you can watch Dough Henning perform the illusion in his inimitable way. If you are a magician wanting to learn the finer points of our art, it is a mortal sin not to watch it. Play the video for your education.

Well, Doug Henning’s performance, though emotionally and visually engaging, will not pass today’s requirement for rapid-fire, MTV paced magic that best suits the modern audience’s short attention span. You will notice that Doug is talking throughout his performance, with just a little hint of melancholic flute music in the background. Talking, though, while performing eats up a lot of time.  If you were auditioning for America’s Got Talent, you’d be probably be buzzed for taking so much time to build up your act.

This partly explains why I salute the American soldier who performed the Origami illusion on America’s Got Talent recently.  He did the whole performance within the 90 second time limit. Not only that, he did it so well he impressed the three judges (and an auditorium full of live audience and millions of viewers on television).

He also impressed me, who is not a big fan of this illusion.

Watch William Scott Anderson’s modern performance of the Origami.  I provided a clip below. Again, it is a mortal sin not to watch it.

Now if there is only a way to fold the table origami style, I would like to bring this illusion to my birthday party shows.

Stay magical,