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I received an email from Pauline Flavier of Creative Juice Communications.  She is organizing a stage competition which will be held at Fun Ranch on a date to be announced later. She asked for my help to spread the word in the magic community.

My way of responding to her bugle call is to publish her message in full below:

Hi Sir!

This is Pauline Flavier from Creative Juice Communications. We are an events firm handling various corporate events. One of which is the KADABRA CUP MAGIC SHOW COMPETITION.

Recently this event – magic show competition, was assigned to me, I had to organize everything from scratch. I went through magicians’ blogs, checked out different competitions, etc… and I check your blog nowadays, I guess its for the need of a magic show background.

You’re awesome!!! 🙂

Since you are already one of the best, it may not interest you to join our competition, hehe…so
if it would be possible for you to invite other magicians to join FUN RANCH’S FIRST KADABRA CUP instead.. It would really mean a lot. Thanks so much!

Attached is the Invitation/Flyer. 🙂

Spread the word! 🙂

I’m also publishing the poster of the event, so those who are interested to join in the contest can take note of the entry requirements.

Stay magical,