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PhotobucketI never thought that the hoary folk  saying, “Keeping up with the Joneses” can be the basis of a marketing ploy.

I was wrong.  It can.

That saying is American, but the truth it contains is universal. It may be phrased differently in other countries, including in the Philippines, but it means the same thing, however it is phrased.

As human beings, parents have the urge to compete, whether consciously or not.  They keep up not only with their neighbors but also with their friends and relatives.  No one wants to be left behind, specially in the lifestyle they showcase to society.

Because of this very human need to compete (or even just to keep up), a magician in the Philippines can easily snag a booking or two right where the party is held.

PhotobucketWhen the parents of a birthday kid throw him a party complete with balloons, sumptuous meal and entertainment (magic show), you can bet you thumb tip that two or three parents in the crowd develop an urge to throw a similar party.  Not just any party but something similar or even better  (balloons, sumptuous meal and magic show).

All a magician in the Philippines has to do is to create fun and amazement with his show.  To bring the house down with laughter.  To break out his best routines.  To let the children scream with delight at his antics.  If he is able to do that, as sure as night follows day (and vice versa), one of the parent guests will be encouraged enough to throw a similar party for his child.

And whom do you think he will hire to perform magic?

PhotobucketIf you have done an excellent job, if you have impressed the audience, the chances are, it is you the interested parents will book at their child’s party. They probably will not  experiment anymore with performers they have not yet seen.

That is why even if your bio rhythm is low, or you are not in the mood to perform, you still must perform at your top level best.  You’ll never know who is watching you.  Two or three parents in the crowd may be in the market for a magician.  An excellent show from you will clinch a booking even before you make a sales pitch.

Isn’t it good for us magicians in the Philippines that parents try to keep up with the Joneses on a regular basis?

Stay magical,



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They hire the name performers…