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PhotobucketAfter many years, I will be visiting Iligan City again.  This time the purpose of my trip is to perform magic at the Ma. Cristina Hotel. An unmistakable landmark, it stands like a resplendent dame in downtown Iligan.

Iiligan City has a special place in my heart.  I spent 10 years of my youth in that beautiful city.  I worked at the Philippine National Bank as a young employee trying to claw my way up the corporate ladder.

I got married in Iligan City.  When my wife brought forth to this world our third child, I clinched a promotion at the PNB Head Office.  So my young family migrated to the capital city and settled in Cavite. Over the years, my wife and I worked in the jungle asphalt of the traffic-choked and flood-prone Metro Manila.

PhotobucketThough I attained my dream of becoming a magic performer in Metro Manila, I have many fond memories of Iligan City.  No doubt it is a beautiful city. It prides itself of stunning water falls, charming brooks and cold springs.   There are simply so many beautiful destination spots in Iligan that would fill the senses of city-weary individuals like me. Unfortunately, its attractions are underrated and less-publicized. Few tourists have discovered or stumbled upon its Eden-like charm.

PhotobucketThis is one of the reasons why I’m looking forward to my upcoming trip there.  I want to savor again the idyllic countryside leading to the city.  What’s more, I plan to play a few tennis games with my friends.  It was in Iligan that I learned to swing a tennis racket and became a respectable player of the game.

Well, what excites me most about my upcoming trip to Iligan City is the prospect of performing for families in the city. Many of them, I’m sure, have not yet seen a live magic show in their entire life.

I have been performing in Metro Manila for rich families. Their children have somehow become jaded with magic. Performing for these kids has always been a battle of wits.  For a change, it would be refreshing to perform for children who have not watched a live magic show before.  There reactions, I’m sure, would be purer, more intense, and gratifying to the performer.

I hear that Iligan City has groups of magicians, who are avid students and performers of the art.  I would like to meet them while I’m in Iligan, if time permits, as I’m staying only overnight.

PhotobucketI’ll be in Iligan City on July 24.  I will  have a dinner show at  7 PM  for adult audiences, and a matinee show at 4 PM for children and students. Both shows will be staged at the Ma. Cristina Hotel.

The shows are organized by the Couples for Christ for the benefit of impoverished children of the city.

If you are an Iliganon, I wish you buy your ticket now.  It’s a rare opportunity to have a dinner with a live show that you can enjoy while helping the less privileged of society.

If you are a magician, don’t hesitate to come calling after the show.  I’ll be at the backstage ready to have a chitchat with you.

Don’t try to strike up a conversation with me BEFORE the show, though.  I go through some kind of Zen-like preparation before every show.  You may find me a snob, unwilling to converse, if you try to be friendly while I’m trying to psyche myself up. Waiting to go on the stage is also a nerve-wracking moment for me, so please excuse me if I don’t encourage conversation before I’m done with my performance.

After the show, though, you will find me an engaging conversationalist—that is, if the topic is about magic.

Stay magical,