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I received a recent email from Geoffrey Hansen. I post it verbatim below:



Today is the birthday of JOHN CALVERT’s wife TAMMY. I put a phone call in this morning to their home in Kentucky, but got their answering machine. Later in the afternoon I placed another call–again the answering machine. I gave them a Greeting, and a Happy Birthday to TAMMY.

Our mutual friend ZIALCI has been in a nursing home in Portland, Oregon. I’ve been in touch with his granddaughter MARIA, and she e-mailed a photo of him. Despite the condition of his health after suffering a stroke–in the photograph he appears as handsome as ever and looks much the same as he did 30 years ago!ZIALCI’s wife MELBA sent me a letter last week with additional news regarding him, as well as other family members. I thought our Pinoy magicians would like to hear this recent news.

I hope things have gotten back to normal in the Philippines after the recent election.

Geoffrey Hansen

Hollywood, U S A

Hi Geoffrey,

Thanks for the updates.

I posted your letter on my blog to let other Pinoy magicians hear of the recent news.

PhotobucketI bumped into Lou Hilario at the airport two weeks leading to the Philippine elections.  I was going to Cagayan de Oro for a gig, and he was catching a plane to Legaspi City (his home city).  He told me he would perform at the campaign sorties of his daughter who was running for city councilor.  I mentioned to Lou our exchange of emails, and he was happy to know you still hold the same avid interest in Philippine magic scene as before.

Stay magical,