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PhotobucketToday I have come out of a cave.

The cave is that state of existence where I don’t have an Internet connection.

PhotobucketMy Globe Broadband broke down about two weeks ago.  Despite almost daily importuning, I couldn’t raise the company’s repair department. I kept calling their hotline until it grew colder than a cadaver, but the repair people would not come and give me an on-site visit to see what’s wrong with my connection.

My urgent pleas for a restored connection became so urgent that a supervisor called to reassure me everything possible was being done.  Apparently, they could not do the possible.  One day passed, two days, three days, then a week, then another week coming to a close, the repair people still didn’t come.

All this time, I was forced to stay in an amorphous world without Internet, away from the world wide web.

The explanation of the hotline people was that a “port’ or a “cabinet” broke down.  I didn’t know what “port” or “cabinet” they were talking about.  I’m not a sailor,  and neither am I a carpenter. Those terms are in over my head.

PhotobucketThe hotline people assured me my problem was not area-wide.  It was a reassurance I didn’t find reassuring.  Instead, it pained me, because while I was thrown back into the Jurassic period, my neighbor was enjoying Facebook courtesy of his fully functional Broadband.

I was also told (using another not-so-fancy term) that the “cabinet” break down was isolated.

This information made me furious, because this isolated problem had isolated me from the rest of the world.  It isolated me from the readers of this blog. It isolated me from prospective customers who were sending me email inquiries.  I don’t know how many hot prospects grew cold as a result of my being unable to attend immediately to them.

In fairness to the people in the customer hotline, they were patient with me. They put up with my huffing even though I was unable to cloak my annoyance in elegant words. They were courteous throughout the episodes I was throwing tantrum fits on the telephone.  I believed they were as helpless as I was with regard the problem “cabinet”.

Well, yesterday I reached the end of my patience.  When the Globe office called me regarding the problem, I instructed them to disconnect my Broadband.  It was about 5 PM yesterday. Today, after lunch, I discovered my Internet connection was restored.

It happened when I already applied for a DSL connection this morning.

The magic word is “Cancel my account!”, and lo and behold! Internet connection is restored.

Go figure.

Stay magical,