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PhotobucketI have my own share of insecurities.  I don’t know about other magicians in the Philippines if they, too, are weighed down by insecurities.  But I am for much too long now.

That explains why before every show, I quake in my pants.  Experts call this pre-show fear stage jitters.  In my case the jitters are so intense they are not only uncomfortable but also sickening. I believe the cause of such fear is my diffident attitude, which in turn is caused by my own insecurities.

PhotobucketI have many ways of combating my insecurities.  One of them is to constantly feed my ego with glowing words and feedback from clients.

Here’s one flattering message I received yesterday from a birthday mom, two hours after my show. Let me bask in the glow of the message…

Mr. Leodini, may I just say THANK YOU SO MUCH for bringing so much joy and laughter to our party. Everybody was raving about your performance! May naiyak pa sa kakatawa (somebody cried laughing)…ha, ha. So many guests told us that you were a great choice as our entertainer. I am very happy that my guests were so happy watching you.  They left the party with huge smiles on their faces and a happy memory of you. As one  guest put it, you are a true “showman”. Thank you, Mr. Leo. – Mommy Sharleen

Thank you also, Sharleen, for taking the time to write this glowing feedback of my show.  It’s nice to know that the guests had as much fun watching the show as my team and I had fun performing for them.

Stay magical,