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PhotobucketI have not typed a single word for this blog in over a week.

That depresses me.  I have things to tell my readers, but over the past days other tasks have taken me away from this blog. I have to prioritize which things to do first among the hodgepodge of projects on my plate. Ah, I stuffed my mouth more food than I could chew.

This last few weeks I had been building new routines. Some of them resurrected routines, some totally new.

It was a long and exhausting process.

The reason I traipsed down that road?

PhotobucketWell, I had been listening too much to motivational speakers.  They said that to improve one’s lot in life, I must get out of my comfort zone.

So I entertained this crazy idea of giving my show a face lift, a very uncomfortable thing to do.  I goaded myself to add new acts to my program. I had been meaning to do this for ages, but since I’m a certified goof-off and slouch I kept putting off the project in the classic procrastinator’s fashion.

To force myself to work my butt off, I accepted bookings from repeat customers who wanted to see a new show. I also booked an all-adult show for a group that had seen me several times before.  And most of all, I pitched a show that I claimed to be unique (or at least I thought was unique) to a birthday mom looking for a different kind of magic act. I did all this to constrain myself to get out of my comfort zone.

The so-called “unique” show was for a birthday mom who said she and her guests were jaded with magic.  She said they had seen so many magic shows in the past they noticed different magicians perform the same tricks.  She challenged me to give her a refund if my show contained the same tricks as the magicians she had hired in the past.

I nixed the challenge, but I sweet-talked her into hiring me just the same.  You can read about the selling process in my previous post What Tricks do You Do?

I promised in that post that I’d write a report on how it went.

Well, it went well, otherwise I would not tell you about it.  The birthday mom watched the show from start to finish. She was particularly pleased that I slayed the audience, especially the adults.  But to get that result, prior to the gig, I really had to look very closely at my current show. I then weeded out what I thought were tricks that were commonly performed by other magicians. This entailed rearranging my program and resurrecting old tricks which in turn required me to get off my butt and practice like crazy.

Now for the all-adult show and repeat customers, my course of action was to learn new tricks and put back into my program old tricks I have not done for quite a long time.

It was an exhausting enterprise.  I just discovered that either I have slowed down over the years or my standards have soared to the stratosphere.  It took me more time to learn new tricks, because I could not live with the lack of finesse despite repeated rehearsals. Even the old tricks which I knew by heart before took some time to get back to performance level that I was satisfied in.

The result?

Tied down in practice and rehearsal sessions, I didn’t have time to write posts anymore.

That is the long-winded reason for the my long absence.

PhotobucketNow as to what happened to the all-adult show, let me tell you about it tomorrow.  I’m still licking my wounds.

Stay magical,