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Hi Leodini, I saw your Easter Sunday show at Marriott Hotel. I enjoyed it a lot as did many of the parents and children who attended the event. I have seen many magic shows in the past, but your show stands out for being so entertaining.Photobucket

I noticed you used a lot of animals in your show. I wonder if you can spend time to answer the following questions:

Ilang hayop meron ka sa bahay mo? (How many animals do you keep in your house?)

Why do you include magic with animals in your show?

What animals to use for spectacular magic tricks?

Thank you for you time.


Ms. Whitey Meaty


PhotobucketHi Whitey,

You have a beautiful name.  I had a dog once by that name.

He had golden hair, so I called him Whitey. Go figure.

Wonder no more.  I’d love to spend time to answer your questions.

(To the non-Filipino readers of this blog, hayop in Tagalog language means animal. My answer below is more playful if you speak our native language.)

Well, Whitey, I’m a father of five kids. Yong isa ay hayop sa ganda; ang dalawa ay hayop sa computer games; ang isa ay hayop sa barkadahan; at ang bunso ay hayop sa kainan.

I think that’s five too many hayop in the family!

PhotobucketSeriously now, I keep five doves, not the pigeon variety that you see released on wedding ceremonies, but Turle Doves. They cost more than ordinary doves and difficult to find. You only hear about them during Christmas when the carollers sing “12 Days of Christmas” at your front gate.

PhotobucketOkay, the illustration is not correct.  Here’s a more accurate photograph of turtle doves.

I have a rabbit, too, named Roger. He goes to sleep in one second flat when I hypnotize him.

I also have a duck named Ugly, as in Ugly Duckling. Her special talent is to walk and quack like a duck.

I don’t keep them as a hobby. They’re part of my family. They assist me in my shows, and therefore help me earn a living.

That’s why I pamper them with love and attention.

I include animals in my shows, because they are guaranteed hits with children.  If your show is not doing well, all you need to do is produce a rabbit or a dove, and instantly you have the children’s undivided attention.

I don’t do spectacular magic, I just do entertaining ones.  For that matter, I don’t bring wild animals to my birthday party shows, as they are difficult to handle. What’s more they are dangerous around kids.  No matter how children shower them with love and attention, wild animals like tigers would rather have them for lunch. At the first opportunity, tigers will gobble kids up in front of their horrified parents.

However, if I were to include dangerous animals in my birthday party shows just to scare my audience, my choice would be to produce from my Square Circle a one-ton killer whale.

PhotobucketBut I choose not to do that.  It’s a trick that raises a lot of ruckus when audiences see it. It also involves a gigantic hassle on my part.  To do the trick, I need to bring water—lots of them, as in 10 swimming pool full of water—which is not a practical thing to do in many homes.

I hope I have not confused you with my answers.

Stay magical,