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PhotobucketOkay, the title of this post is facetious.  It is also grammatically incorrect.  It’s not even using English words.

But I write it just the same not just to lighten things up, or to catch readers’ attention with something preposterous, but to give way to my euphoria.

Yes, I’m euphoric today.  I’m always like that when I receive thank you letters from my clients.

PhotobucketI have written before that I feed my psyche with positive feedback from satisfied clients.  When they send thank you letters even without prodding from me, their words become confidence booster for someone like me who eternally fret about my ability as a performer.

This morning, I received an email from Gail, the birthday mom of last Sunday’s party where I performed. Her message is one of those confidence boosters I was talking about. The email’s subject said, “You Are the Best.”

I just want to say that you are the best decision I  made for my daughter Sasha’s birthday party last Sunday (March 21, 2010)!

Until now I get a lot of raves from friends and family!  Most have told me they have contacted you already or will get you for their children’s party!

My party had a lot of blunders (party venue decorator and balloon supplier as well as my kiddie food supplier actually FORGOT about the party despite numerous followups and had to rush everything at the last minute).  I was stressed and worried my guests would go home disappointed.

Thanks to you, everyone went home happy (and even congratulated me).

PhotobucketSo there.  For me, you’re not only the best magician in your barangay but in my barangay as well!


Mommy Gail


Hi Gail,

Thanks for the kind words.  It’s nice to know everyone had a good time despite behind-the-scene hitches.  Actually, my team and I had as much fun performing for the guests as they had fun watching the show.

Stay magical,