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PhotobucketPolitical correctness rears its ugly head and pokes its runny nose into many aspects of everyday life.

Its advocates not only materialize in the whaling industry but also in magic where their naivety becomes laughable were it not annoying.

I consider them magic’s strange adversaries. I say that with tongue-in-cheek, not seriously. Otherwise somebody might throw me on the ground and walk all over me.

As a magician in the Philippines, I had my share of embarrassing moments with people who nurture a naive outlook in life and try to impose their beliefs on the rest of humanity.

PhotobucketOnce, in a birthday party, I did my Comedy Sword Swallowing act.  I made it clear that the act was comedy.  I dropped lots of funny lines, I made funny faces, I did ridiculous actions.  In  the end, I exposed the trick sword—it was the tape-measure type that rolls up—to a roar of laughter.

Yet, one grandpa tried to stop the performance, claiming I was showing a dangerous trick. He fumed that I was performing something that would influence negatively the impressionable minds of the children.

Well, what would have been his reaction had I performed the French Arm Chopper?

PhotobucketHe might have chased me out of the room.

It is a dangerous thing to do.  Not the arm chopper, but chasing magicians out of the room. Naivety has a way of type-casting people as dour, because persons with politically correct agenda tend to look at the world through a black-and-white TV screen instead of through a prism.  As a result, they fail to see the hues, the burst of colors, and the grays.  Many turn so humorless they fail to  find the comedy of a funny act.

PhotobucketWell, speaking of  Arm Choppers, I have one that  looks more rugged and therefore more menacing and dangerous than Dissecto, which looks like a toy. It is even more intimidating than the French Arm Chopper.

So if I want the adults to bellyache with laughter, the three-years old kids in the audience to cry, “Please don’t cut off my Daddy’s hand!”, and the politically correct guests to fume, I use  my heavy-duty Arm Chopper.

Personally, I believe arm chopper magic is safe, both physically to the volunteer assistant and psychologically to the children in the audience. Children are exposed to more harmful influences at home than magicians performing the arm chopper.

I’ve heard news of children shooting their classmates at school using their Daddy’s guns they found lying around the house. I still have to hear news of children chopping off their friends’ hands with an arm chopper.

Still, I think God made politically correct people to be the equalizers of this world.  They somehow balance the scheme of things around us.  They also keep magicians on their toes, so they don’t overstep the bounds of good taste.

That’s why I allow politically correct people to snipe in the sidelines while I perform magic. I leave them be.

They have their own purpose and mission in this world. They fight for the rights of the whales and campaign for a clean environment.  That ain’t so bad mission in life…

Stay magical,