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PhotobucketIn yesterday’s post, I wrote about the Torn and Restored Newspaper trick.  While I mentioned several methods, and confessed my partiality to the Gene Anderson version, I glossed over Axel Hecklau’s News Flash, which could arguably be the best Torn and Restored Newspaper trick extant.

Good thing Tom Bennett, a German professional magician (Blog of an Escamoteur), dropped me the following comment and jarred me back to my senses:

For me NewsFlash is just perfect. It’s my opener and it totally baffles the audience.

But I have to admit that I long under-estimated this effect, perfeps because for us in the know it just seems too trivial how it works.

For a full review of NewsFlash look at my blog:




I followed the link, went to Tom’s blog and read about his accurate and no-incredible-hype review of News Flash.

PhotobucketNot only that, a related post titled How to Make the Last Tear of News Flash Easier attracted my attention.  I followed the link to it too. It led me to a gem of an article that clears the one stumbling block that had kept me from performing News Flash before a live audience.

Here’s my reply to Tom:

Hi Tom,

Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts.

I went to your blog and read about the last tear in Axel Heclau’s News Flash. This has been giving me trouble too, the reason I have not yet learned News Flash.

What I do now is cross breed Gene Anderson’s method with News Flash. Meaning, I tear the newspaper the Anderson way, but I prepare the restoration packet the Heclau way.

The strategy seems to work in practice, but I have not tested it more stringently to convince myself that it does really work. Thanks for the tip on your blog. I will have another go at learning the News Flash.

By the way, I’ll write today a fresh blog about News Flash and expand on the thoughts in your message. The article will be published today on the Home page.

Stay magical,


For you guys who are living under the rock and have not yet seen News Flash, here’s a video of its performance by Axel himself.  You be the judges if it’s magical enough for you to take the trouble to learn it.

Stay magical,