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Just got this email from Geoffrey Hansen:

I have enjoyed reading your posts on the Internet.

How are things going in the Philippines?  The economy is very bad in the USA, and all forms of show business suffering through it.

Any news on Lou Hilario, Paul Potassy or Tamplin?  I have not heard any recently on the health of Zialci, as I know he suffered a stroke.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Geoffrey Hansen
Las Vegas, USA

P.S. Check these websites to jar your memory.
Hi Geoffrey,

Thank you for your email. It’s always nice to hear from a brother magician in another continent.

With the national election coming up in May, the Philippines is in constant frenetic activities.  The economy may be worse than in other countries, but the way candidates throw money in the air, the feeling of wealth and abundance is in the air.

As usual, Filipinos are throwing lavish parties for their children, thus giving jobs to us magicians making the rounds of the birthday party circuit. I have always believed that the Philippines is a rich country pretending to be poor.The number of birthday parties I have attended since January, where guests driving in sports cars and Humvees bring oversize birthday presents, belies the plummeting statistics the financial wizards are showing us on MNBC.

Lou Hilario is still active performing magic in those grand events.  I saw Paul Potassy in a magicians’ event last year.  He has declared himself retired from magic, but I hear he still accepts gigs occasionally. Tamplin is pushing 80 plus (I guess) but still loves to perform Gospel Magic. I saw him last week at Inner Magic Club’s magic competition. As to Zialci, I have not seen him for quite a while.  I know he frequently travels between the US and the Philippines, but I have no news regarding his health as well.

I hope you will be able to visit the country soon.  If you happen to blow in town, don’t forget to drop by Pepeton’s to attend one of our weekly meetings.

Stay magical,



The last time we were in the Philippines, my wife and I had dinner with Yu Liong, Edison Chua and several others.  We had several days of shopping in Manila before heading off to Leyte and Samar.

Have you seen the NEW JOHN CALVERT DVD on the market?  It is great.  I’m sure you know of his famous romance in the 1950’s with Pilita Corrales?  They were a big hit at the GRAND OPERA HOUSE in Escolta back then.

Zialci suffered a stroke, and is in very bad health.  I don’t know if he is alive now.  Melba writes to me from time to time…but, no recent news.

Is Lou Hilario doing magic or his ventriloquism and bird act?

Keep in touch.

Geoffrey Hansen
Las Vegas

Hi Geoffrey,

I saw Yu Liong at the Inner Magic Club’s magic competition last week.  He still supports ardently magic in the Philippines and frequents conventions in Asia.  Once in a while, he performs magic and illusion for his favorite charity.

No, I have not yet seen the new John Calvert DVD, but I’m aware it has hit the market.  I saw Mr. Calvert on an older DVD, lecturing about his favorite tricks, but I was disappointed his Spirit Cabinet, which was the one I was researching, was not on that video.

I’m sad to learn that Zialci suffered a stroke.  That must explain why it’s been a while since he visited our club.

Yes, Lou still does magic, ventriloquism and his bird act.