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PhotobucketOver a period, I have written about the subject of patter.

I feel generous today. I’ll write one more of the same.

But before I do, let me refer you to the past articles on patter.

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Let’s Talk About Patter

First of all, patter is easy to create.  Sometimes you don’t even have to create it. Just read the instructions of your newly bought trick. Often, the patter is already included in your purchase.  If not, in a number of times the creator suggests the presentation of the trick, which in turn gives you ideas on how to create your own patter.

If you go by this route, you will come up with a patter.  But it will not be brilliant, just passable. Maybe even less than mediocre. Or worst, boring.

PhotobucketYou need not go that way. There’s an easy way to create a patter that sparkles. Write it down.

That’s right.  Write it down. Not the easiest way but the quickest to produce an entertaining patter,.

Writing your patter eliminates roundabout talk.  You can get to your point quickly and add clarity to your trick’s plot.

Writing your patter also helps eliminate repetitive favorite phrases like “you know,” “all right”, “OK”, “right?” that drive people crazy.

A written patter also allows you to easily control the length of your performance.  If your routine’s running time is exceeding eight minutes, and you want it only to be five, then pruning a written script is a cinch. It is easier and faster to edit written words that you see on paper (or computer monitor) than words nebulously percolating in your mind.

PhotobucketA written script also makes it easy to rehearse the delivery of your patter. As you well know, a good magic performance is the result of rehearsals.  No matter how brilliant is your script, if you don’t rehearse it enough, it will lose its luster during the live performance.  A written patter makes rehearsal easier and more fun. It helps you build the foundation of a quality performance.

Stay magical,