PhotobucketOne of my pet peeves is similarity in magic.

Many magicians in the Philippines have the same tricks in their respective repertoires. With thousands of tricks available out there, you would think they will choose carefully which ones to include in their program, so that their shows will be different. 

Well, you thought wrongly. Many magicians in the Philippines choose to go with the herd.  They buy bestselling tricks, they perform what is popular, they show off the rage of the time.

The result? Everybody does the same magic tricks in their programs.

The phenomenon is not unique to the Philippines.  It is also true in other countries and cultures, where there are magicians.

I once wrote an article about the conundrum of the same magic tricks. You may want to read My List of the Same Magic Tricks, where I confess my befuddlement over the similarities of tricks in the repertoires of magicians in the Philippines.

Now here’s another riddle that has stumped me of late.  The same music.  There are millions of songs and music out there, yet, for unexplainable reasons, magicians in the Philippines choose the same songs as background music to their performances.

If you are using any of the songs I’m listing below, please do yourself a favor.  Find another one. If your audience hears these songs again for the nth time when they watch a magic show, they may throw up.

Don’t let that happen. Get rid of these songs from your program before you drive people crazy.

PhotobucketMission Impossible

PhotobucketHawaii Five-O

PhotobucketJames Bond Theme

PhotobucketNobody (by the Wonder Girls)

Stay magical,