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PhotobucketDavid Hitchcott, close-up magician and mind reader in the United Kingdom, sent the message below in response to an earlier blog post titled A Primer on Dove Magic.

For what it is worth I have just invested in doves and am busy trying to train them.

PhotobucketI went to see Lance Burton in Vegas in October 2009, and he performed his Dove routine as the first part of his act.

Having seen it countless times on DVD, when I saw it live I was nearly in tears. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. If he could only teach that to us.

Tony Clark’s stuff is informative, but like any other form of magic you need to be very confident in your act and make it your own.

Then it is training, training, training for both you and the doves.

Hi Dave, thanks for dropping by and taking the time to share your magical experience in Las Vegas.

PhotobucketI’m sure that just by mentioning Lance Burton’s name, you have given many magicians in the Philippines the vicarious thrill of watching him perform live his world-famous dove act.

Stay magical,